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Each year at Christmas time, Maine Seacoast Mission distributes about 10,000 holiday gifts to more than 3,200 people in the Downeast and Maine Island areas. Two Congregational ministers founded the Maine Seacoast Mission, but receiving the Mission’s services has never depended on religious beliefs or church membership. They honor a spiritual center that values wholeness and respects people, community, and diversity, as does the Congregational Church of Wells.  Our church has a long history of supporting Seacoast Mission and we encourage those who wish to contribute to donate directly to the Mission:

Maine Seacoast Mission,
Colket Center & Administrative Offices,
6 Old Firehouse Lane, PO Box 600,
Northeast Harbor, ME 04662

or donate online at: Seacoast Mission.

Thank you for any support that you may provide to this very worthwhile enterprise.