Sunday School

Sunday School meets the first, second and third week of the month during worship (after the Children’s Moment).  Our classes include:

  • Pre-K through Grade 1
  • Grades 2-4
  • Grades 5-8

Our curriculum follows The Living Word, based on the Narrative Lectionary.

Family Sunday

Every fourth Sunday of the month, children remain in worship with their families for Family Sunday.  This gives our children and youth an opportunity to learn about and take part in our regular worship services.

Agape Meal

The Agape Meal is offered to all of our youth and Sunday School teachers on Communion Sunday (the first Sunday of the month).  The Agape Meal is served in Fellowship Hall at the beginning of Sunday School.  It includes grape juice and bread and is an opportunity for our youth to learn about Communion.

Family Room

Families with young children are welcomed and encouraged to attend worship services.  There is also a Family Room available which provides a relaxed setting when needed.  Located near the other classrooms, it includes comfortable seating, books and toys as well as a changing table and pack-n-play. There is also a speaker so families can listen to the worship service.

Youth Group and Junior Youth Group

Youth Group (grades 8-12) and Junior Youth Group (grades 5-8) generally meet once or twice per month, dates and times TBD.  Our high school students also have the opportunity to help out in our Sunday School classes, earning Community Service hours for school.

Confirmation Class

All youth in Grades 8 and over are invited to attend Confirmation Class.